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33 Stephanie Romanov Icons- Various appearances, photoshoots, and other projects (Not Angel)

comment, credit greatly appreciated...Nominations Welcome.

1-29 and 32,33 made with actions by awmp (Which by the way, with me and voice control still takes forever...)

32,33 with Christian Kane

Samples:Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by

Must friend the media journal _thepleiades to view.
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01. Read the user info rules before applying
02. Provide 5-12 of your best icons to apply with. AT LEAST THREE of these must be Lilah themed/centric. (this can include Lilah in groups or pairs)
03. Introduce yourself and provide a link to the journal you post your icons in (all icon posts must be public)
04. Write bitch please in the subject line so we know you've read the rules
05. If you are not approved you are welcome to re apply but give yourself two weeks chance to improve
06. If you flame the mods in any way you will not be allowed the chance to re apply
07. You must be approved by both of us
08. Check you invites here
09. All yes/no answers will come with feedback :)
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